Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Going Out of Bounds and Underground

I can be a nerdy so-and-so and now admit to being a bit fascinated by the 'ghost' stations on London Underground.  These are stops that are still functional but no longer used.  There's about forty of them. It might just have been down to an overactive imagination but I think that I've spotted one or two in the gloom between operational stations on my jaunts around the capital. However as my recollection of how to get pretty much anywhere that I don't visit on a weekly basis  is pretty non-existent, Lord knows which ones these were.  I've been known to get lost even in pretty familiar locations. Hell,  just on Friday I took a jaunt into Torquay, ended up taking a wrong turn in a car park and had to pay £1.40 for the privilege of lifting the barriers to get out.

So I was quite excited to see that the London Transport Museum are organising trips to Down Street and Clapham South,  two of the closed deep level stations.  Geek heaven!  Maybe I could join a band of the type of men that stand recording engine numbers on the ends of railway platforms across the land.  I bet that might be the make up of my fellow travelling band.  The trips are pricey though so I'll think  I'll pass.  To console myself  I'll just stand in the gloom under the railway bridge at the end of my road, close my eye, pretend that I'm on the platform of a  disused station and listening to a rattling ghostly tube passing by.  Mind the gap!  


  1. That is an interesting link to the lost underground…just spent 10 minutes looking at it…will return later as need to walk dog!

  2. I have a similar fascination with them too! There was one on TV which has been left exactly as it was the day it was closed so even the ticket office is still is situ.

  3. I found the videos the Londonists does on the underground mysteries fascinating. How old some stations are is a wonder to me then I saw a documentary that referenced building a couple lines and was even more amazed.

  4. expensive? how much? i would love to. i do love old spooky stations and that scene from American werewolf in london!

    1. I think it was £75 for Down Street and £35 for the other. The link gives details. x