Friday, 6 May 2016

Instead of Frou-frou

Devoid of much inspiration this morning I turned to StumbleUpon just now to look for some stunning art to blow you away with. After all, my blog is a bit like one of those 'Show and Tell' sessions that they run in junior schools where the girls try to wow the crowd with Barbie in a new outfit and the boys bring in dead animals  Instead this was the first thing that came up.  So relevant to these worrying times it stopped me in my tracks.  Best post a serious message instead then.  In the face of relentless media messages, use your brains fellow earthlings and let kindness rule your hearts. x


  1. To be honest I've not read a newspaper in years and I whole heartedly agree. The same is true re watching news channels. Kindness. Forgiveness and keeping a check on our thoughts is the way to go.

    1. There's always 'Positive News'! x

  2. Seems like an international problem-same thing over here.