Tuesday, 17 May 2016

My Son and That Other Child Within

Ah!  Those teenage years have already brought changes that are taking some getting used to.  Lots more privacy is demanded although this doesn't always seem to be reciprocated!  Louis  now sleeps for England at weekends. When we're not doing anything super special I tend to let him lie in. With early rises on schooldays to catch the school bus I figure that with all that growing going on, he might need the extra kip. His appetite has also  increased especially if there's a whole rack of ribs  or a bar of chocolate around to polish off.  And whereas my son in his younger form was virtually tied to my ankle he now spends considerable time pondering his navel with the meerkats in his attic, gaming online with his friends who live twenty miles  away.  This has been the difficult one.  I have to say that I miss his company more than a little bit.

Goodness knows how this parenting stuff is supposed to work!  I've made it up as I've gone along.  That's not to say that I don't think carefully about my approach. My rationale for current times is that if I go with the flow and accept the changes then it's less likely that our relationship will be damaged in his transition to adulthood. I can all but try.

When we do get together we still have fun.  Last night we headed down to the harbour.  There's a new cafe/bar,  Liberty that serves cocktails and they'll do most of their range as a non alcoholic versions. With his penchant for all things posh, Lou loves  a mocktail and was keen to  give one a try.  To keep costs down I had a cider!  We had a brilliant time sitting at the bar, chatting to the lovely staff and watching the other drinks being 'shaken and not stirred'.  And we talked to each other.   We can both do that for England.  If Brixham were full of donkeys they'd all be missing hindlegs.

Anyway these are some of the words that my son shared with me. Wow!  They're attributed to a US country singer called Bryan White.   It fits in nicely with some thinking that I've been doing myself lately.  With the rise in social media I'm concerned that people are scared to portray themselves with anything but an airbrushed image.  Heck, I've even had a couple of people lately question whether I should blog as I do on the grounds that what I write might be viewed by some as unprofessional and therefore affect my career!

Of course we have to behave.  Dignity, respect  and politeness are high up on my list of values.  But I worry that an increasing  preoccupation with self image means that we are becoming too homogenized.    Are people  adopting 'safe' because they are fearful of the consequences of showing their true self?  Are we losing individual difference at the expense of creating pristine corporate images?  I think that this may be the case.  So in the spirit of rebellion I'll keep myself quirky.  And this might even mean that, on occasions, I'll let that inner child pop her head out in public!


  1. As many books as there are on parenting, no child comes with a manual. We all just figure it out. Lifestyle blogs (is that what random blogs on life are categorized as?) are meant to be real or what's the point?

  2. My daughter has a little quote on her Instagram which says To be perfectly honest I'm just winging it, motherhood, life, my hairstyle pretty much everything! Says it all beautifully lol

    1. I like that. I used advocate 'winging it' at occupational therapy college when we had group projects to do. It gave those of a more nervous disposition palpitations! x