Thursday, 26 May 2016

Risky Words

Nigh on six years on from the first time I posted my 'Desert Island Discs'.   I really must revise that list. Maybe I'll do that when I've got a little more time on holiday next week.  New favourites have pushed out some of the old.  Reluctantly I think that I'll have to let go of Kylie's perfect pop but I'll retain something that will ensure heady nights of bopping alone on a perfect tropical beach.

It's very likely that my book and luxury will change as well.  In the page turning department The Four Agreements is, of course, a contender. It would remind me how to relate to other people  if ever a rescue ship found me.  I've been re-reading it again.  These words jumped out the other evening.


  1. My book choice has always been (and always will be) a very large English/French Etymological Dictionary.

  2. I think my book choice would always be Swiss family Robinson - ya know - for the tips about survival! It's my favourite book if all time I think. But I did also like Heidi - useful if I'm stranded in the Swiss Mountains!

    1. Cool! I always was a bit of a 'Little Women' fan. That's one for frugal, thrifty tips in a war torn land isn't it? x