Sunday, 22 May 2016


I remember someone once telling me about their dad  who had recently died.  He visited prisoners and felt that these were people who had ended up in jail because they had lacked love in their lives.  Is this true in every case?  Debatable maybe but this explanation probably applies to many inmates. Certainly it seems to fit with people that I've known personally who have been incarcerated, like the wild neglected little boys in my primary school classes who smelt of wee.

Here's a video that disturbed me greatly.   Sometimes it is good to be propelled out of my comfortable little world and have my eyes open to the horrific reality of the lives of others.   Denying  damaged souls liberty might sometimes be  necessary and appropriate.  But to inflict punishment that causes further psychological harm can't be right.   Surely the validation of being unloved is never helpful. Our collective human psyche must be very damaged indeed if we believe otherwise.


  1. I think we all have sympathy with those who have tough early lives, but at the same time we choose our way in life, and many work very hard to escape from poverty etc. I have more admiration for those people than I have sympathy for the others.

    1. I'm with you with the admiration for those who've escaped poverty but this post isn't really about sympathy for offenders, more about the unacceptable inhumanity of the way that they're treated in some prison systems. x