Monday, 2 May 2016

Tickled By Ted

Begorrah! Can you believe that Father Ted was first screened over twenty years ago?  It hardly seems like yesterday.  Here's a clip from the opening episode where the priests visit what can only be described as The World's Crappiest Fair.  It has me creased up, just as funny as it was in 1995!


  1. It was totally daft, but very funny. Didn't see lots of them, but seem to remember an episode where Mrs Doyle fell off a windowsill, which greatly amused me.

  2. I first discovered my love for British comedy in college I think when our local public television played episodes of Are you Being Served and was there one called Up the Down Stairs? Now with Netflix and Amazon and all, I don't have to wait so watch as so many are on streaming, but so much better written than most of the American sitcom crap of recent years.

  3. I love Father Ted. My best one is where all the priests are in the lingerie department! lol

    "drink, feck, women"