Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Here's a rather lovely thing that's come on holiday with me, an impressive piece of polished labradorite that's nearly as big as my palm.   The idea is that it will clear, balance and  keep my aura in tip top condition.. All good then!    It was a surprise gift from Reiki Ray.  He's been on my case lately.  'You need protection with that job you do. Here, stick this in the sun to charge it up and use it for healing!'   It's been added to other treasures that he's recommended.  This includes an assortment of pendants that get washed under cold water each day  and bits of obsidian that are bluetacked to each bedpost.  They hurt like hell when they fall off and you step on them!

So is all the hocus pocus working?   I really haven't a clue. What I have noticed is that my job doesn't feel like it's sapping me anymore.  And more generally fear is no longer  an emotion that I experience to any degree at all.  Really!  There's a greater acceptance that what will be will be.   If I lost everything I'm pretty certain that I'd be able to get back on a track although it might be a different one.   I'm not sure whether this would be a result of divine assistance or the fact that I've acquired confidence in my own abilities to cope with whatever's thrown at me.  Maybe it's no coincidence that I'm sleeping better than I've done for a couple of years.

Weirdly this new sense of feeling safe is leading me to experiment with  vulnerability .  I hasten to add that I'm not advocating  reckless or stupid behaviour.  What I'm trying to do is give   material goods and time and myself in general at levels that would have been beyond my comfort zone in the past.     This feels so much different to times when I've been overburdened by the demands that are outside my control and felt that I'm being forced to sacrifice what I could little afford to give away. This time it stems from free will. It's so  different and doesn't leave me feeling downtrodden and used.   In the same vein I'll admit when I'm wrong,  expose my weaknesses speak what I believe to be true even if it is unpalatable and  share stuff that wider society expects me to cover up.  There's supposed to be no stigma around mental illness anymore but my own experience has shown that this is not the case.  

For the first time in my life there's a true sense that I'm being looked after by  powers that are higher than myself.  Goodness knows what these are but  surely if my instinct is right and I'm  being watched over then maybe it's safe to stretch those boundaries and dare to be daring. 


  1. No idea if your polished stone is helping you or not, but it is very attractive to look at! Good to hear that you are feeling so much better generally…..I might get one!

  2. Best wishes that you have replenished your reserves and built up strength to not allow then to run empty again.

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling positive (if that's the word). I know nothing about the power of the stones, but you certainly have some fabulous friends.