Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Desert Island Delivery

Way back in my blogging nascence of 2010 I shared my Desert Island Discs.  Well if I were still stuck there as Billy No Mates  I think I'd be getting a little pee-ed off with the same eight tracks.  So I'm imagining that the gods are smiling on me, in a half hearted kind of way.  No sign of rescue yet but they've allowed me a new delivery of records in exchange for the old ones.  I'm keeping two, relics from my teens that I still can't bear to part with after all these years.:

 Ryuchi Sakamoto and David Sylvan:  Forbidden Colours:

Robert Palmer:  Johnny and Mary:

That leaves space for six newbies.  I meant to write this post whilst on holiday but that didn't happen because choosing was hard.  Finally I think I've come up with what I'd want to be the new musical soundtrack to island life.

Passenger:  Things that Stop You Dreaming :  Of course this bloke who wasn't on my radar in 2010 has to feature.  I can't imagine life without his music now.  It was hard to choose from so many genius songs but Things That Stop You Dreaming eventually came out on top.  This live version is lovely.

Peter Gabriel: The Book of Love:  It would have to be this version that Lou introduced me to, from an episode of Scrubs, with JD talking at the beginning saying that the future could be whatever he wanted it to be.  A reminder that we make our own story - like the one I'd be scheming up about how to get off that bloody island!

George Ezra:  Blame It On Me:   My love of dancing came to me recently.  I was put off strutting my stuff for many years as  a severe  lack of coordination made learning moves difficult.   This is the girl who was banned from aerobics classes by friends because they couldn't participate for laughing.    But a festival mentality has changed that. I've realised that dancing doesn't have to  be formal but can be inventive, joyful and spontaneous instead.  It's also a good medium to embarrass your kids! Apparently  Salty Dog thinks of me dancing when she hears George so I'm choosing him for my bops on the beach.

Ben Cocks: Curiosity  The song with a message for my own boy.

Dremwell: Troellenn  Because travel is such a big part of my life it has to be musically represented.  The last track was Brittany Ferries advert music.  This is the tune that wakes us so soothingly as the alarm call on their morning ferry into Roscoff.

Leonard Cohen: Anthem  Why this didn't feature on my list first time round I'll never know.  It would be that one track that I'd keep now.   It has to be the 2008 Live in London version for I was there. There are sentiments contained within that guide my life.

My luxury would change too. Do you think that I'd be allowed to have Klaus there with me complete with my recliner and a bike on the back?  I do hope so.

And the book?  Well by now I should have mastered French so could ditch the combined dictionary and grammar.  Maybe I'll need reminding of how to act around people I finally get rescued.  I considered Frankl's  incredible Man's Search for Meaning but finally settled on what I'm reading at the moment.  I'm learning something from each page of this amazing book.  I'll elaborate in a future post when I've finished it.


  1. It's still 8 Ska records for me, plus a tanker of red wine (of course).

    1. I saw a band recently called 'Gentlemen of Dub' that you'd probably like. Unfortunately the videos on YouTube don't catch the energy of their live performances.

    2. I have heard of these guys, and heard some of their work. It's good to know that the tradition is not being lost.

  2. Making me make these choices make me all carrotty ! ( see next post's comment lol - I'm catching up backwards)