Sunday, 19 June 2016

First Pot

The co-parenting thing has some advantages from the point of view of giving me freedom to do my own thing during the child-free periods.  Of course on the downside it means that I don't share substantial parts of my kid's life.

Here's one of those special moments that I've missed. Louis visited the Contemporary Craft Festival at Bovey Tracey with members of his dad's family.   There's always some hands-on stuff to try there.  On a previous occasion I had an awful job extricating my maths geek son from a weaving loom.  He loved the number patterns that were needed to create the designs. Now Louis was really excited to tell me about his latest crafting endeavours.  'Look at the pictures that Dad's just sent you NOW!' I was told when I telephoned him for our goodnight chat.  Nothing for it but to obey orders. I'm glad I did.  It's lovely to see Louis so involved in what he was doing.  And the picture somehow shocked me.  He's looking so grown up.  Is time flying that fast?

I've tried my damnedest  to create something non wobbly on a potter's wheel many times but now admit defeat.    My wonky eyes and poor dexterity mean it's a skill that I can't master.  I just end up looking like the swamp monster with a pile of massacred clay as an end product!  But here's what my son made on his first attempt.  It's a properly pleasing pot.  The parent proudness zone of my brain is humming away.  We've just got to find somewhere to fire it now.


  1. I have never done any " potting" apart from in the garden, but that first attempt looks excellent. Well done Louis.

  2. Goodness me, that is to be encouraged, don't you think? x