Monday, 13 June 2016

Muppet Meaning

Since my sleep has become a wee bit better I've been dreaming again. What does it all mean?  If you have a little look at Wikipedia it seems that plenty of people have had a go at trying to explain: the ancient Egyptians, Freud, of course Jung and a lady called Faraday who hit on the fact that our dreams might symbolise stuff that's preoccupied us over the last day or two.
One of the thing that I've picked up is that anything vaguely pointy is seen as phallic. Now there must be a lot of very funny-shaped willies out there if that's the case!

There's lots of websites out there that give dream interpretation a go.  I've had a look in the past.  But my search for the meaning of one of my latest nocturnal offering seems to have come up with a blank.  So I'm putting it out there.  Can anyone tell me why I should have dreamt why Animal from the Muppets was enthusiastically cleaning my toilet!?


  1. Well…his head does look a little like a toilet brush!
    I have also found that I am dreaming more lately since I am sleeping better ( no idea why the sleeping is better though) Actually I think you are supposed to always dream, but don't always remember them. I often attribute some of my dreams to "anxiety" in my life coming out in my dreaming. Losing the dog is one of those. That would be my worst waking nightmare!

  2. Absolutely no idea, but it made me laugh on a grey damp morning!

  3. Your dreams are in a much higher level of creativity than mine.
    I'm usually looking for a bathroom or trying to find the classroom I'm supposed to be teaching in.
    If only once I could get there, have all my clothes on, and be prepared.

  4. Hmm, I know you are wanting to someday reorder your little bathroom. Perhaps you bumped a knee, or something, and made the manic animal sound while doing it, and it stuck?

  5. I think he is after all those scary monsters that feature in the toilet cleaner adverts. Glad you are sleeping better.

  6. I dunno, but when he's done can he come do mine? Cheers