Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Not Brixham

I have woken up with this outside my window rather than a load of squawking gulls.  The Midlanders among you will know that I'm in the middle of misty, rainy Birmingham.   Is it always like this up here?  Ibiza Queen Vikki and I got here yesterday evening.  We arrived in good time before we circled the city centre for an hour.  It seemed that the combined power of two mobile phone sat navs couldn't defeat diversions hat have been put in place because of roadworks.  Apparently that's nothing.  In those days before advanced technology guided our journeys Vikki spent eight hours circling Brum because of diversions.  She could have flown to Barbados in that time!

We're not just here to giggle, have a little drinkie and eat rather excellent sausage and mash at The Queen's Arm, a lovely friendly pub just a stone's throw from the hotel, a Travelodge but good for what it is   In fact I'd use it again to come back and explore the Jewellery Quarter.  Sadly, there'll be no time for that today Instead I've got my best thinking cap on for we're on a very exciting course.  I'll let you know what we've learnt tomorrow.

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