Sunday, 26 June 2016

Prickly Pressie

'I've bought you a present Mum' said Louis after he'd visited the craft fair last week.  Am I the only parent who feels some trepidation when these words are uttered?  After all kids often have a completely different idea  to adults of what constitutes beautiful and worth giving house room.  Those dolphins last year were a case in point.  I HAD to say something then.

I needn't have worried this time around for this teeny porcelain planter around three inches high, arrived at home via a sports bag.  It then spent about four days in the dark as Lou forgot it was there.   Amazingly its contents survived intact.   It came complete with cactus or is it  aloe vera?  My botanical knowledge of desert dwelling plants is pretty limited.

It's designed by Jack Laverick whose range of geometrically themed lamps and planters have a pleasing simplicity that is nothing like some of the kitsch stuff that has been gifted before. Phew!  I'm pretty chuffed with my little spiky plant and will try to tend it carefully.  Who knows, if it survives it can be potted up into a larger container by the same maker, maybe the hanging conical one.  The prices are pretty reasonable after all. 


  1. What a great present. I was given one of these plants some years ago….though not in such a lovely container……It's common name is Zebra cactus…..a member of the aloe family. If it thrives…..I am sure it will…….it should produce " babies" that grow around the sides. They can be pulled off and re-potted. I now have several pots of them around the house.

  2. That's a lovely present. I was given an Aloe plant but managed to kill it by over-watering.