Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Sky Rise Baby

Oh 'kin 'ell!  I knew exactly what I was going to blog about this morning and the website that I needed is down.  *"%&£%%^^)*£$!    Let's find something quick to stop those unbecoming fish wife mutterings.

Ah,  this will do.  It's a little treasure that I found and  I copied to my desktop .  I'm sure that little boy has a head for heights to this day!  Of course it hails from days before nameless, faceless Health and Safety officials went absolutely mad and came out with enormous balls of cotton wall with which to wrap us.  I' have fond memories from more precarious times myself.   Maybe, in modern times where new builds seem so skimpy on space, this idea could catch on again - until that is, Social Services find out!


  1. aaggghh......can't even look ! Who thought this was a good idea.....and who the hell passed it !

    1. Not sure things needed passing in those days.x