Sunday, 3 July 2016

Days Out In Devon: River Dart Country Park

Don't get me wrong. I love my bricks and mortar house at Brixham. But when I'm there I can also find something to do: nooks and crannies to clean and things to mend.  I'm sure you'll all know the score.
Thank goodness for Klaus the Knaus, my motorhome. For he is sanctuary, a place where my friends and I can take refuge from a world which places demands from all sides.
Luckily in Devon I don't have to drive very  far to find a spot that allows for high quality chillin'.  This weekend Sugar Plumb and our boys have rolled up at River Dart Country Park.   My journey there coincided with the terminus of the school bus that Lou takes to get to his Dad's house.  Result!  He turned up at exactly the same time that I was passing in the van.

 The park is only about a mile on from where I picked Lou up It's a place that stuffed to the gunnels with stuff that encourages kids to step away from those blooming screens.  There's big slides, assault courses, nature trails and soggy activities based around a big lake.  Handily there's camping too.   The park is marking its 40th year by setting forty challenges for your stay.  One of them is to find the tulip tree, a type of magnolia.  Ta da! We did that and were blessed to find it flowering.  Isn't it incredible?

This lovely tourist attraction used to be a favourite haunt when Louis was a littl'un.  It was only a few miles away from my former home.  I'd been a little concerned that he and his friend would find it baby-ish now but I needed have worried.  These types of activities are good for all ages.  Hell, I even had a go on a rather large zip slide myself.  I'm rather pleased that no-one took photos of my very inelegant dismount!

A few of the activities cost extra.  We treated the boys to a go on the high wire course which turned out to be entirely age appropriate.  They loved it!  I took on the role of official photographer from the ground.   Here's one of my shots.  I think it shows my own little monkey up to dare devil antics.  Look no hands!  In spite of his dyspraxia his sense of balance seems to have turned out okay.  He was pretty proud of his mastery up there.  It's lovely when something sporty boosts his confidence.

We've had a brilliant weekend break doing all the usual camping stuff: eating pasta and barbecue,  drinking wine, chewing the fact and spending time in the open air in spite of the chilliness and intermittent showers.  This is England in July after all. A heatwave isn't guaranteed.  So will we be back?  Absolutely!  An return in the autumn before the campsite closes at the end of September might already be on the cards.

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