Monday, 4 July 2016

Facing the Music

I'm stronger and consequently more purposeful than I've been for years.  Maybe ever.  Yet, outside the sometimes sanitised world of  Blogland a train that I'm not driving is again set to crash.  I'm definitely a passenger in the first carriage though and, bar a miracle, what is likely to happen will hit hard.   That's the nature of disaster and tragedy.  They turn up  in our lives without a by your leave.  Even the most meticulous of our plans can be upturned. It's worth remembering this.

Whilst contemplating the inevitable I found inspiration from the unlikely source of a  '90s financial services advert. . Funny that because as it's not something that I've thought about for years.  Maybe it's a little message from the divine world reminding me that, in spite of troubles ahead, there will be solace to be found through the love of others, music, beauty and nature.  Those involved will be able to steer a course through these saddest of times.


  1. Oh LG hope all gets back to normal and you can get off the train soon xx whatever it is, we are here for you X

  2. I hope out of all of this current situation good comes longterm. It's certainly been an eyeopening week for many as to how those in charge have been operating!

  3. I loved that little advert - so cleverly done - and watching it again reminded me of all the details [shaking their hands dry, straightening ties etc] It has been a crazy week here in our little corner of the planet - but we will get through it, if we have faith and pull together [trouble is, so many of the powers-that-be seem to be either pulling in different directions or indulging in time-wasting back stabbing instead of getting on with their jobs!!]

  4. I know what you mean and feeling powerless to get off the train is numbing. I wish you strength to get through this ride.

    1. Thank you Sam. That's very kind. x