Sunday, 10 July 2016


Did I insinuate yesterday that I was going to dance until the wee small hours of this morning? Well that was the plan.  It turned out that not only was the flesh weak but the spirit became totally unwilling and failed to cooperate.  After a brilliant day where I met up with a friend after a quarter of a century and cooed over the glittery-ness of men in  drag I went into meltdown.

We'd come back to have supper at Red Mel's flat before heading out to see the final acts at Bristol Pride and exhaustion hit.  There was nothing for it but to excuse myself. The others understood. . I snoozed then showered and donned jammys .  While mainlining tea I read a good book.  It was an excellent call.  Staying well during stressful times means listening to myself.  Rest was what I needed not revelry.


  1. I was watching the football final, but became so bored that I did the same. This morning I feel very refreshed.

    1. I watched it too and felt the same boredom. Where has the passion gone in the beautiful game? Not refreshed this morning but it is a work day. Hey ho! x