Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Socky the Occy

It would be really lovely to do some crafting. Maybe some linocuts to adorn some of the many bare walls in our house, give away or even sell. Or a bit of silver smithing?  I'm hankering after a thumb ring and could make my own. Chance would be a fine thing at the moment. There's too much else on.  Out of sheer necessity DIY of a novel kind is filling up precious leisure time.  I suppose it's creativity of a kind but it's not as fun.  I'll spill all and show you what I've been up to in a day or two when my project is completed.

So it was great when Louis came home from a weekend Scout camp with something he'd created. Socky the Occy is just made out of, yep, a sock, an elastic band and a couple of googly stick-on eyes. He's a bit rough and ready but I love the concept.  It's a bit mad. The most random thing  is that he's stuffed with lavender and smells much more lush than most cheesy footwear. Louis loves him so has  kept him for himself.  But when I've been a good Mama I'm allowed to have Socky in my bedroom at night on loan.  For, of course, his lovely scent is supposed to have  sleep inducing properties!


  1. Socky the Occy is so cute. Maybe your son can make another one.

    1. I thought that some brothers and sisters would make great presents. Will have to buy some lavender to put in him. There's rice as well mixed in there x