Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Stop Thinking!

Okay, let me be the first to admit that calling someone a knob end when they cut me up in the car yesterday wasn't being entirely impeccable with my word. What made it worse was Louis was in tow to hear this little tirade. Oops! Adhering to those Four Agreements, it's going well then is it?

Actually. it's a whole lot better than it seems. Frequent reference to these really rather sensible rules for living is making a difference.  I'm bolder in speech with the aim of making myself clearer to others who have a different dream. I counter this extra audacity by being much more careful about what comes out of the old gob. Less judgmental,less bitchy, I hope.  The one about not taking stuff personally is a toughy  but I'm working on it. Sometimes what others throw at you beggars belief, stark reminders that the realities that we each create in our own minds are so very different.  The concept that our best will change according to our capacity at any given time has been much easier to take on board, a wonderful  antidote against mental self abuse.

Here's more of don Miguel Ruiz wise words.  It's only just occurred to me that thinking, thinking, thinking all the time isn't the way to inner peace and  enlightenment.  Leaps of faith don't come about through fretting  and nit-picking analysis. I'm surprising myself.  My capacity to dumb my normally busy little brain right down seems to be improving.  It's almost as if I've found the 'OFF' switch and can now use it intentionally, even at times of stress.  Those silent spaces are lengthening.  'Don't Think' is my new mantra.


  1. I think I need to find my OFF switch too and I think my husband needs to find the ON switch. There I go again thinking and it's only breakfast time.

  2. Under thinking is always a good option.

    1. Glad you agree. Hope you came to this realisation a bit sooner than I did! x