Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bike Banter

Once we have hit a particular camping spot that's it for Klaus the Knaus my  motorhome.  He's done his job and can have a little rest for a few days.  We then become reliant on Shank's pony and two wheels to get us around.    The advantage for me is that I don't have to fiddle around getting him ready to move off.  This involves quite a lot of packing away, shutting down gas and sometimes, heaving in an awning.  I don't want the bother of that as part of our daily routine and, anyway, I do enough driving as part of my work at home.

To some extent my decision to stay firmly put dictates where we stay.  Places must be near enough for us to stock up on provisions if we are going to be resting awhile.  There also has to be enough of interest locally that we can reach under our own steam.  Where we are now has a brilliant track that extends for miles to pretty seaside towns to the East and West.  It is lighthouse city out here.  On a little two wheeled jaunt yesterday evening.  I counted at least eight.  It's a pretty but obviously dangerous old coast line out there.

We're both jolly pleased with our new bikes.  I am particularly chuffed that mine came with a rack on the back  which enormously increases what I'm able to carry. Aren't bungees a wonderfully versatile?  I bet that their inventor never knew that one day one would be used to form a baguette carry device.

Cycling here though has  has seemed rather more effortful than usual.  It puzzled me because of all that running that I've been doing lately.  Surely I'm a little fitter than I was a few weeks back?  Then I realised the tyres were a little flat.  That accounted for the rockiness of rides too.   After a good dose of air my little jaunts out seem almost effortless. There's got to be a metaphor that relates to life there somewhere!


  1. I hope that you don't get rain when carrying baguettes that way! I used to always have some fresh baguette, butter and jam for breakfast when we were " Eurocamping". The boys and husband often had " monsters"…aka croissants!

  2. Louis must be the only kid who doesn't like croissants. More evidence that suggests he is a changeling! xx

  3. Love the picture with the baguette. I saw a man in st pol de leon carrying 4 baguettes in a yoga mat bag slung across his body, whilst he was on his bike

    1. My kind of guy. What do they do with all that bread though!! x

    2. could be for his elderly neighbours

  4. Replies
    1. But as Frances points out I'd get a soggy baguette in the rain. Design Mk II might be needed!! x