Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Breakfast Bruschetta

As I write this morning the French are queueing up to buy bread from the back of a van that's arrived at our camping spot.  Some of them seem to be buying enough to feed an army.  Me? Well I've got left over baguette from yesterday.  'Waste not, want not.' is a mantra I aspire to but sadly don't manage at times.  I have to say that, with its limited storage space, it's easier to see what needs using up in the motorhome.

So breakfast today will be bruschetta.  There's no grill here so I fry the bread in my saute pan.  Then it's just a question of rubbing it with garlic, drizzling it with olive oil and then adding a chopped tomato and tarragon topping.  Now there's a herb that's hard to come by in England. Nothing else needed but a sprinkle of salt crystals.

The teenager told his dad about this culinary moment in his nightly phone call to him. I think that  means it went down well.   I have to say that Louis can be a fussy eater at times. Maybe one to add to our regular repetoire then. It's just a question now of sourcing good bread at home.


  1. Bruschetta is a favourite of mine. Yum Sounds like you are having an excellent time!

  2. When I eventually get my garden sorted I'm going to have a herb garden with basil and tarragon stars of the show. I love bruchetta simple but gorgeous.

  3. Getting caught up and shouldn't even look at food but wow does that look delicious!