Monday, 1 August 2016

Crossed Caravan

I had a break from blogging because it seemed so flippant to be writing about the little things in life at a time when my family was going through tremendous pain. However during the fortnight that we knew that my sister's death was imminent there were still tasters of joy to be had. Surprising moments of delight and pleasure  lessened the heartache. And so the seemingly trivial assumed an important role in lightening a heavy load.

This picture hung in the lounge of the wonderful hospice where Esther spent the last of her days. Maybe it brought a smile every time I looked at it because it reminds me of the wonderful times spent in my cosy motorhome.  A boiling kettle and cakes feature heavily there too.  I didn't think that I was a particular fan of cross stitch. My preference is for the dense blocks of colour that come with completing needlepoint. But this little sewn scene's charm gave me moments of respite.  For those of you who might be tempted to thread a needle I've discovered that a kit  can be bought here.


  1. Klaus really provided you with so many good memories, and more to come. Now he may be a place of inner peace for you as well. continued hugs.

    1. We're off in him in a weeks time. A bit of respite from our recent sadness. x