Friday, 5 August 2016

Ethical Scent

Lordy can't life be complicated these days?  Any purchasing decision, for example,  is a potential ethical nightmare.  What are the values of the manufacturing company and the retailers?  Are ingredients sourced sustainably?  Are the employees producing and selling goods paid a reasonable wage and have decent working conditions?  The list goes on and on.

I'm not perfect in any sense when it comes to my shopping habits but I try to improve by degrees.  One of the things that I've been thinking about lately is my penchant for Chanel perfumes.  No.19, Cristalle Vert and Coco Mademoiselle are all rather wonderful.  So complex and clever.  Then there's my favourite, the sublime Coco Noir.  I've been wearing that on a daily basis for a number of years.

Back in 2012 there was an EU ban on the sale of any new cosmetics tested on animals.  That was great news but the ban doesn't extend worldwide,  I became uncomfortable with the fact that many of the big perfume companies weren't being entirely transparent when it came to describing international practice.  Better safe than sorry I thought.  I decided to source a fragrance that a vegan, with their stringent regard for animal rights, would be happy with.  After all we all know that being beautiful isn't just about outward appearance.

I found Brighton based Eden Perfumes online.  They mix organic and vegan ingredients to create perfumes for men, women and yikes pets! Mind you I've known some stinky dogs in my time so it's possibly a good idea.  Through chemical analysis the company, a family business, claim that their products are similar to more well known fragrances - like my beloved Coco Noir!  The prices are much cheaper, £18 for a 30ml bottle (£60 for 100ml).  The least I've ever paid for a 100ml bottle of the real stuff was £77 in a duty free shop and I skipped away from the till as it was such a bargain. Trialing a cheaper alternative had to be worth a go from a penny saving alternative as well as an ethical stance.

So did my bottle of number 406 match up?  Well it's lovely and, as you'd expect from an eau de parfum, the fragrance hangs around all day.  Sadly though I'm able to make a distinction between the scents.  And if I'm very honest I'll admit to  preferring the Chanel version. Sob!

I'm not going to give up with Eden Perfumes though.   One of the reviewers on the website says that their homage to Coco Mademoiselle is pretty true to the original.  So I'll give that a go next.  And my lovely niece lives in Brighton and Hove where the company have two shops. It may be an excuse for a trip one day so that I can pick out one of their fragrances which can become my new favourite.


  1. How interesting! Yes, shopping can be a minefield and I have never given perfume a thought :-(. My current favourite, however, is Stella from Stella McCartney and I would guess that she insists on ethical. It's not cheap though! Enjoy your trip to Brighton!

    1. Yes you're right she has great resourcing policies. See: