Monday, 15 August 2016

Lust For Life

And what do you know? Day one of going with the flow has worked out rather spiffingly.  When I woke up yesterday morning I had no idea that, by the time my head had hit the pillow I would have danced to Iggy Pop in the flesh singing 'Passenger', 'Wild One' and yes, 'Lust For Life'.  Maybe that last title can guide the mission for this holiday, to live life with passion.

Initial plans had been to head off to the coast but a poster in the supermarket alerted me to a Chagall exhibition in the picturesque town of Landerneau. 'Let's go there!'  I thought. Little did I know that our camping spot would be over the river from the site of the 'Fete du Bruit', an all singing and dancing festie.  Yay!  This is supposed to be a cheap holiday.  Luckily for me there was a free view of the stage from the opposite river bank.  More highbrow cultural pursuits can wait.

For a bloke in his sixties Mr Pop is very nimble indeed.  In a move that would have had me in agony for days he swung his leg to shoulder height.   Maybe I'm making it up but I thought I read once that a woman specified in a dating column that she wanted someone with the voice of Leonard Cohen and the body of Iggy.  Little did she know that these two veteran songstress would see the ad and contact her!

Draft plans today involves looking at some painting.  Unless something else takes our fancy.  Let's see what happens!


  1. How very lucky - to see Iggy. Quite envious. Only got to see him once and have just worked out that was over 35 years ago (how is that possible?). Have a lovely holiday. x

    1. Thanks for kind wishes. Really want to catch Leonard again. It's been 7 years now. x