Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Mad Wrist

My wrist decoration started to get a bit eclectic during May's holiday.  The band allowing me admission to the French campsite swimming pool has been augmented with others from the two weekend festivals where I've partied this year. Oh and a wacky macrame band that Lou fashioned from a kit that he bought.  He says that my arm is beginning to look like one of those mad walls that have popped up in my lounge and spare room.  Now I do believe he may have a point.  The hippy adornment will have to go at sometime but maybe it'll stay whilst the summer's still here.

Now you could search the surface of my skin for indelible art and you wouldn't find any.  Perhaps it's because  I'm not sure if any symbol or words would retain special significance over a lifetime.  There's also the fact that tats all seem to go blue over time.  Or maybe I'm not au fait with modern ink technlogy. Anyway I won't be agonising over a design to take to a tattooist parlour anytime.

Glitter tattoos could be the way to go though!  This one, applied by the kind folks on the Wateraid stall at Chagstock, has survived daily baths or showers for over a week and a half now. I'm rather partial to the idea of bits of me being a changing canvas as mood suits.


  1. I'm like that about tattoos too. I haven't got one because I think I'd tire of the design and want to change it. Temporary ones are definitely the way forward for the likes of me!

    1. Might have to find you a suitably glittery tat for when we next meet up xx