Tuesday, 23 August 2016

My Second Favourite Aire

This holiday had to be a cheap one. Doing up a house for the last year has taken its toll on my finances.  A period of extreme belt tightening is required.  Or a windfall.  Now wouldn't that be lovely?

I contemplated a holiday in the UK . Cornwall or Dorset seemed to be beckoning.  However,  after doing one of my useful back of the envelope calculations I worked out that pitch fees would be no less than the Plymouth-Roscoff ferry cost.  It was more even for two weeks at the type of swanky campsite that would find favour with Lou. 'Sod it' I thought. 'We're off to France.

And so how are we doing this on the cheap? Well it's not rocket science. There were no new holiday wardrobes, we're limiting eating out and cafe visits,  doing free or cheap stuff like walks, cycles,playing on beaches,  freebie exhibitions and local swimming pools and not driving too far.  This last one is quite a biggie as Klaus the Knaus is a bit of a drinker. In spite of the economies we're still eating like lords.  Yesterday we plucked up the courage to get out our 'very Margot and Jerry' fondue for the first time in ages.  Readers who've been with me a while might remember the last time I used it. 

This idyllic woodland is just behind our van.  And the beach and rocky headland are just metres away.  There's other beaches too,  a running track and a swimming pool to die for.  But this is no fancy campsite.  It's an aire, another of my money saving ploys.  I've written about them before.  In towns across continental Europe there are designated overnight spots for motorhomes which are free or cost very little. There's also facilities to top up water and empty the grey tank and toilet.

 Now thsee shots have been taken at my second favourite aire, about a mile along the coast fron the walled city of Concarneau.  It was nothing to park here when I was last here.  Now it costs six Euros a night.  For such a beautiful spot it seems a very small price to pay.  I might be showing off my favourite aire of all time in a few days if there's a space available there.  


  1. Just as I clicked on you today I had a quick thought…..please let there be some scenic photos. I am not disappointed ! That top one is my sort of beach. You can keep the likes of Copacabana..I can't think of anywhere worse to go to for a holiday. We certainly went to the Concarneau area. I remember having one of those savoury crepes there. What are they called…..galette? I know that is a tasty sweet biscuit too, but can't think of anything else they were called……with ham, or should I say jambon, and fromage etc. Hope you have got the clear blue skies that we have here today. Enjoy. x

    1. Glad to oblige! Yes they are galettes. There's some lush biscuits called pales. In fact it's all good gastronomically here. I could get quite porky! xx

    2. Palets rather. Having to blog on phone rather than laptop. That predictive text stuff can be a right pain. xxx