Monday, 29 August 2016

So Geeking Cool!

Often a particular tune becomes the soundtrack of our travels in a certain place.  Last year it was a haunting song from Siskiyou that stuck with me after  I heard it in a Vancouver museum.  This holiday my son has introduced me to this little number so it will stay stored up top to remind me of the summer of 2016.  We play this on our travels and sing along. Except when we're going over those speed bumps that are so beloved of French villages.  Then  I've been know to holler  'Can you turn that bloody racket off? I can't concentrate on driving!'   Musically, I am a fickle beastie and yes, 'holler' is a word that definitely captures lack of subtlety of my communication at those times

Do you know that there are people on YouTube that make a living by making videos of themselves playing games?  Louis sometimes watches them and it drives me crazy as it seems like an inordinate waste of time.  Anyway this is a song based on one of these sessions where this guy,  Markiplier, plays a game which stimulates events in space that are chosen at the whim of the user.   It takes bits of the commentary and sets it to music.    To us grown ups it sounds dreadful doesn't it?    But please bear with me.

To my surprise I absolutely love it.  It awakes the soul of my inner nerd.  This smiley guy has such abundant enthusiasm which is so infectious.  It makes my own, not insignificant awe, when I contemplate the marvels of space seem inferior.    'Every tiny speck is probably a star.  It's so BIG!'.  Wow!   I do hope Marky sometimes steps away from his computer and goes off to contemplate those billions and billions of stars and galaxies in the real night sky.  

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