Friday, 19 August 2016

The Human Fly Paper

I was woken this morning at about 5am by a combination of torrential rain pounding on the motorhome roof and excruciating itching at various points down one side of my body.  Yep, there's a mozzie sharing the motorhome with us and they're especially partial to a nibble of me.   I probably emit some odour that's delectable to insect life and my ability to attract little flying friends  earned me the nickname that is today's title.  Surely there is a design fault with these bloodsuckers. I wouldn't mind if they could take their tiny drop of blood and go away without causing damage but no.  They have to leave an unsightly cluster of red welts and extreme irritation.

I see that there's also a spider crawling around on the ceiling of the van. I'd normally shoo him gently outside but maybe I'll leave him be. Perhaps he can trap and eat that blood sucking little bastard!


  1. Sorry to hear about the bites. I read online about a " cure" for the itching a while ago, and it was similar to something I had done in the past. If you have a hairdryer with you, just set it to hot and fire it at the bite until you can't bear it anymore. You sort of know when the time is up! What I used to do was get a little bowl of very hot water and some cotton wool, and bathe the bites in the hottest water I could bear. It works.I think it temporarily kills the nerves or something like that! You can look the hairdryer thing up online. I have also found that any steroid ointment seems to take the itch away for quite a few hours. Good luck.
    ps Where are the pics of Brittany?

    1. Bejesus that's drastic! Just dousing in loads of Anthesan. There are pictures but upload speeds here are really slow. Will maybw try tomorrow. x

  2. pps. It is raining here this morning too.

  3. It is me too that is often the meal of choice by small and buzzing things leaving the boys alone ... hmmm. Not sure if I want to reduce myself to the hygiene habits of said boys so will have to just ensure I am well covered! Raining here too :(

  4. Type O blood types attract more mosquitoes than other types.