Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Sausage of Knowledge

In Concarneau market on Monday Louis bought his dad this rather sensational sausage. I know it's lush because we nibbled samples. Anyway this piece, an eye watering 10 Euros worth , is now sitting in the cupboard in the motorhome. It's out of bounds being a special gift but it's been so tempting. Surely no-one would be any the wiser if I took a knife to it and carved off just enough to have a nibble. The temptation is almost unbearable It's like the sausage version of the apple in the garden of Eden!


  1. Many a lush food gift has not made it to its intended recipient in my house.

    1. Yep the chocolate ones seem to have 'disappeared' before Christmas in my own home as well. xx

  2. I used to love salami, but as I dont eat meat any more I dont buy it here. Although I am sure I could also be tempted.

  3. It was lonzu, a dried sausage, on Corsica that lured me away from vegetarianism. xx