Sunday, 14 August 2016

Two Fanny Sea

Ten minutes after clearing customs yesterday we pulled into our supermarket car park overnight stop. There was no milk so my usual cup of builder strength tea was replaced by a black coffee.  As I was supping it I pored over 'All the Aires', my guide to those free French motorhome spots and a road atlas.  I'm planning a couple of nights later  on the gorgeous Quiberon peninsula so turned to the relevant page.

 Yikes! It seems that the Atlantic has been renamed.  Laughing my little socks off I turned to the culprit who was having a good old giggle too. 'They came off some bananas'explained Louis.  'I stuck them there before I knew what that word meant!'


  1. What with that - um - crease down the middle of the page, it makes perfect sense.

    1. Ah! Thought I might have to explain the UK English meaning of the word. To us it means front bottom! x

  2. That is hilarious. Have a lovely time