Thursday, 11 August 2016

Two Wheeled Towing

In three days time we will wake up in France  at the start of three whole weeks of chillin'.   Boy do I need a bit of Rn'R with the boy.  It's been a bit of a year so far.  The original plan was to motor on down to the coast near Bordeaux but plans in my flitty little butterfly head have changed.  I think we'll stick to Brittany so there'll be much less driving and more time for  relaxing. It'll save money on fuel too.  My van is hardly eco when it comes to MPG.

To get me in the holiday mood I've found this. As a motorhome owner those that tow are usually considered to be sworn enemies!  But even I couldn't fail to be impressed by this offering from Wide Path Camper.  A caravan that can be pulled along by a bicycle is a very neat thing indeed.


  1. Lucky you, going to Brittany. I think I told you that we went to various campsites in Brittany( Eurocamp) when the boys were boys. Last time was when the youngest was about 14 and he is now 29! We are off to Isle of Wight in September…not quite the same but I have never been there and everyone says it is a lovely place. Nice easy holiday for a change! No airports and I can take as many liquids etc as I desire. ( and the dog )

    1. Have a lovely time. I've heard it's beautiful too. x

  2. I bet Klaus had missed you. Enjoy!


  3. wow, that is a neat camper. I can't wait to read about your time away!!