Monday, 22 August 2016


My lovely friend Corn Pipe,  who has studied linguistics, recently introduced me to a word which I'm particularly taken with. Idiolect is a term that acknowledges that every person's use of language is different.  We all  have our own particular nuances when it comes to the use of vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical form.

Now I think  the word 'widgy' is especially unique to me as I think I made it up. My Google search has yielded no evidence that suggests someone else invented it before me. It describes the extreme discomfort and sense of restlessness caused by a seemingly minor irritant.

Yesterday I was driving in sandals that are probably on their last legs.  The leather underneath the sole of my foot was coming away from the shoe's cork bed and rubbed against my heel when it rested on the accelerator pedal. Aaaargh!  My whole nervous system seemed to  be on edge even though just a small part of my body was being aggravated.  Now that is the feeling that I describe as widgy! 


  1. Hi just to let you know in my neck of the woods Cheshire widgy refers to a certain part of the male anatomy !! :)
    Su in Cheshire

    1. Excellent - I like a bit of unintended innuendo! x

  2. very interesting liked your thoughts

  3. In Aus a widgy was the female partner to a bodgie, a cool rocker with a brill haircut and pointy shoes.