Thursday, 8 September 2016

A 50p Pick Me Up

On my first day back to work in three and a half weeks I treated myself to a little lunchtime jaunt around Totnes charity shops, in search of 'Something Red'.  It's an item that I put on my Google Keep shopping list the other day.  The boyfriend that Louis added when I talked about this before is no more.  I've decided that he's a thing that can't be shopped for even though Mr Metrosexual met Ruff Stu in the ice cream section of Tesco.

I needed a replacement for a red Murano vase that I smashed whilst flailing my arms around, a hazard of being clumsy. Honestly Lou and I must break a couple of things a week.  It's an expensive old business.  Luckily I wasn't particularly attached to the vase:  it was a £3.50 charity shop find.  If you look at the pictures that I posted back along of my bedrom you can see it on the mantlepiece.

So I was very pleased that I spotted this in the Air Ambulance shop, a bargain at 50p.  It had a very retro feel but I guessed it wasn't particularly old.  I turned to Ebay for advice. I've find it wonderful for object identification.  And what do you know?  I was right.  I must be getting a feel about vintage finds.

Even so, I'm still pretty chuffed with my purchase. My single glass is from a set of six  designed to mark the 250th anniversary of Cinzano,  a drink that I'd assumed had been developed in the '70s.  'No-one drinks that stuff anymore'.  I thought to myself.  Wrong again.  When I showed Scary Secretary my find she said that it was her sister's tipple of choice.  Somebody will be telling me that they drink Campari next.

My little glass was designed by Dutch artist Selwyn Senatori. I've pottered over to his website and discovered  his happy, quirky designs. It's of no great value and I'm not going to make my fortune selling it but 50p was a good price.  It's now above my fireplace in its intended home. I might pot it up with a little cactus or something.  Then when I knock it on the floor there'll be soil to clear up as well.


  1. You are so funny I do love your posts. eBay is great isn't it for researching stuff I quite often get excited about some random piece I've found only to have my hopes dashed lol great fun tho I love your little glass but do try not to break it.

  2. good find. My friend drinks creme de menthe. She is 34 lol

    1. A friend at university projectiled vomitness creme de menthe - whilst spinning around to music. It certainly cleared the dance floor and I've never touched the stuff because of that memory. xx

  3. Yup. Popular Spritz option in Italy after Aperol.