Sunday, 25 September 2016

A Bit Star Struck!

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to hobnob with the stars of the tiny screen at Bristol's M Shed at an exhibition about children's TV from 1946 to the present time.  I'd have recommended that you all should be hurrying  down to take a peek.  But rats!  It's the last day today.  That's a real pity because it was fascinating.   There will be some people out there who are green with envy because I got to see the original model of Tracy Island made by Anthea Turner on Blue Peter.

And I stood in the presence of the actual Major Clanger!  Not some enthusiastic fan's knitted replica.  He was the real thing. Being a child of the sixties it will come as no surprise that 'The Clangers' has to be my favourite kiddie programme of all time, a perfect visual and auditory treat that was shown just before bedtime when I was wee.  Forty odd years on I still find it aesthetically pleasing.  The episodes are stop-motion masterpieces with timeless charm.

I reckon it's a perfect  excuse to share an episode   Here's the one that they were showing at the exhibition.  It's where an astronaut with a remarkable similarity to Action Man comes to the Clanger's planet to collect rock samples. Enjoy!


  1. That brought back memories.

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  3. I used to watch that with my daughter, I think I liked it more than she did. How lucky you were to see the actual Major Clanger.

    1. The best and timeless as I've said. Louis loves them. xx