Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Boob on the Landscape

We're with Red Mel in Bristol for the weekend but getting here involved a long time sitting in  on the M5.  It wasn't so bad.   I'm at a stage in life where being forced to do nothing is rather a luxury.

Our location was near a geographical feature that I know rather well.   Being stationary afforded me the chance to photograph it.  Over twenty five years ago I was travelling  with a friend in his ancient Mini.  We were heading for London to meet up with others for a trip to Paris.  The Mini only made it to Swindon.  Something to do with torrential rain and dodgy electrics. But that's another story.  As we passed this hill my friend made a detailed comparison of it to an ex-girlfriend.  There's a woman called Joanne out  there who doesn't know that I am intimate with the anatomy of her chest.

Red Mel phoned. 'Where are you?' she asked.  'Near Tit Hill'.  I replied. I haven't a clue what it's proper name is.  But it was okay  She knew just where I meant!


  1. That looks like Crook Peak to me!

    1. Ah! When writing this post I secretly hoped that someone would tell me its real name. Thanks Sooze! xx

    2. I think Tit Hill is a much better name for it though!