Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A Crafty Trump

I thought I'd get into the swing of things as regards the US presidential election by posting something topical.   What better than to show off some of the Trump related election memorabilia that's out there.   The  pet wig and tie was so close to being featured.   It's a must have for any discerning dog or cat out there . As was to be expected, even the website selling official merchandise for the Republican campaign offered some rich-ish pickings.  I had not realised that there could be a market for  a baggy Trump Pride T-Shirt.   Any self respecting gay male that I know wouldn't vote for a bloke with hair like that let alone wear a tee that wasn't of the muscle hugging variety.

But, after some deliberation, I finally settled on this.  After all I like to encourage people to get crafty.  So how about making your own Donald?  It seems like the perfect way to while away an evening as those dark nights are drawing in.  Its creators suggest that it  doesn't have to be merely decorative but can be put to use for storing pins.  Now isn't that a wonderful idea?