Friday, 2 September 2016

A Little Haven of BST

I'm using a couple more of my photos of Chagall pictures to illustrate today's post.  It's a bit of a mystery why this artist wasn't  on my radar before I chanced upon the exhibition in Landerneau. I'm very much taken by the imagery, the use of colour and how he created works that appear whimisical but have serious themes.

Even though geographically speaking we are in the European Central time zone,  it is a tradition here that the clock in Klaus the Knaus, my motorhome stays an hour behind,  on British Summer Time. or Greenwich Mean Time for trips away in winter months.  We are in a  little 6 x 2 metre time warp! 'Why does this matter?' some of you may be asking.  Well we're lying in on holiday and it stops me feeling quite so guilty about getting up so late.  Nine o' clock seems far more acceptable than ten.   And even those sixty minute adjustments to different time zones take a little bit of getting used to when arriving and leaving in mainland Europe.  Call me a mad old mare as Mr Metrosexual does frequently but it seems to work for me.

Tomorrow though I have to remember that to make a mental adjustment. Our ferry leaves at 8:30 in the morning French time. Although I'd love to linger here longer we can't be missing that.   Once Louis has stirred from his lengthy teenage slumber and the motorhome is all packed  up. We'll meander northwards and should arrive at Roscoff sometime this afternoon. There we'll overnight in motorhome bays of  the ferry port car park and just move over to the ticket booths when the time comes to board the boat.

And so we are nearing the end of another lovely Breton holiday.  Reflecting on a whistle stop tour of the Far East, friends bemoaned the fact that their holiday hadn't relaxed them.  This is not the case here. Time has changed in the sense that our pace has slowed right down.  We haven't had to rush around like we do in 'real life'.  I'm feeling so rested as a consequence.


  1. I remember seeing the Chagall windows in the hospital in Israel. His work is glorious. There are some of his windows in Chichester cathedral too I do believe.

    1. Yes he was such a versatile artist. The first picture above is painted tiles. I'd love to see those Chichester windows at some time. Maybe a diversion is needed when I next visit Brighton. x