Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Long One...But It's Worth It

What's going on Joo?  Why are you sharing a 45 minute video featuring a Christian evangelist? Surely a blog post is meant to provide a quick interlude and not be the Internet equivalent of Cecil B De Mille's Ten Commandments.

I hope one or two of you  watch this in its entirety for it is truly inspiring. Give the first few minutes a go and I reckon that you might want to hang on in there until the end. And then show your teenagers for they are the target audience here.  Goodness knows they need to hear about  resilience, self esteem and showing respect for others to counter the negativity that is often perpetuated by modern day media.

Although Nick Vuijic shares aspects of his personal faith and his beliefs do not entirely match my own  the way he expresses these do not jar.  There is none of that 'repent or burn in the fires of hell' stuff that featured in many of the sermons that were a source of terror in my youth.  Rather his message are full of love.

Nick was born with a body that defies stereotypical norms and as such poses so many practical challenges. I haven't even scratched the surface of considering all the tricky little problems that the physical environment might present.  Yet  he exudes positivity and his life is full of meaning and joy. As an occupational therapist I reckon he should be my profession's poster boy!

PS:  For those who make it right through the video, congratulations.  This little update can be your reward.  Nick is now married with two children.


  1. I have seen it. It's worth watching.

  2. I've seen it before too...awe inspiring.

  3. I have heard this as well, but hearing him speak gives continued inspiration.