Sunday, 4 September 2016

Danger Mum's Guide to Fondue

Ah! In my fantasy life someone sees my blog and says 'Now look here Lovelygrey.  Your talent as a cookery writer is wasted on your teeny tiny blog.  Come and write  for us and we'll give you eight weeks holiday, a massive pension and double your NHS salary!'

....It's not going to happen is it?   Has anyone ever tried following one of my randomly cobbled together recipes.  Here's my own version of Chocolate Fondue and Toasted Marshmallow, bastardised from the BBC's Good Food magazine.

1.  Day 1:  Buy ingredients that aren't already in the fridge.  This included a sodding great bar of milk chocolate and not the dark  stuff stipulated by the recipe. Snooty gourmets would
consider  Louis  a bit  of a pleb.  Anything with a cocoa content of more than about forty percent isn't edible as far as he's concerned.  Ignore the instructions about using unsalted butter if you like as well.  The salty stuff is fine.

2.   Plan to make fondue the same evening but in the afternoon the kid and I had a severe attack of the munchies, couldn't be arsed to cook and scoff the lot.  Oops!

3.  Day 2:  Cycle out to buy more chocolate - late in the day, just before fondue making session to avoid repeat of 2 above.

3.   Bah!  Who needs to weigh out ingredients.   Put a big dob of butter, a good splash of milk, a massive dollop of cream and all of the chocolate into trusty '70s fondue pot.  Well actually some of those biddy brown squares didn't end up in the pot.  I aimed to make about half the quantity of the original recipe.   After all there was only two of us. Let's not be greedy. About 100g of the chocolate was saved for eating another day.  Oh okay, I lie.  It disappeared somewhere during the cooking process......

4.   After proving recently that fonduing can indeed pass without major incident we plucked up the courage to repeat this cooking method back inside the motorhome.  Just a tiny dribble of methylated spirits in the burner and we were off!  Easy peasy.  Only  the occasional stir needed.  And voila! A bubbling pot of chocolatey naughtiness.  Phew!  No flames all over table this time!

5.  Just to keep the fire service on their toes allow a thirteen year old to toast marshmallows over the gas ring in a motorhome.  What could possibly go wrong?

Strawberries were a nice addition to the original recipe.

In spite of our attempts to be moderate  there was loads left over.  The remains were popped in the fridge and then warmed up for a repeat performance the next day.


  1. Sounds absolutely delicious.

    1. Yes it was. Mind you I couldn't eat much. My tummy might have been full of chocolate already! xx

  2. Any type of fondue gets my vote! I had one for all my friends on my 21st birthday.

  3. So happy others indulge in the ingredients. Love chocolate dipped strawberries.

  4. Boy now, that made me laugh out loud! The cooking with/eating chocolate sounds similar to me with wine....and chocolate.....and indeed cheese......oh and chorizo..... Hey ho :)

  5. Miam-miam. Chocolate fondue - how yummy. I'm with louis on the milk chocklit front.