Monday, 19 September 2016

Esther's Tea Towel

When my sister Esther was poorly at the end of her life she went to a hospice.  She'd had significant health problems throughout her teenage years and adult life.  Cancer eventually claimed her but she also suffered serious complex mental health problems and had a late diagnosis of autism.  She had no sooner got to the hospice and then wanted to discharge herself to a home environment where it was unsuitable to end her days.  We had to persuade her to stay put.

So for the first seventy two hours of her ten day stay my family provided round the clock care until she was able to accept the staff looking after her.  I was responsible for the night shifts where she was wakeful and mobile in spite of huge amounts of medication.  As time went on she became more muddled.  'Get me scissors now and a tea towel!' she persistently demanded one night.  She was very cross that I wasn't able to work out what she wanted.

With this memory in mind I decided to get this from a lovely little Breton gift shop near the Eckmuhl lighthouse.  It can be bought online here. Of course it isn't used for drying dishes but festoons one of the walls in my kitchen.  I think of it as Esther's tea towel and hope she likes it.

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