Sunday, 11 September 2016

Something Fishy

We had a gorgeous day out yesterday at Fishstock, the local seafood and music festival  at Brixham fishing port,  just a quick jaunt down the steep hill from the house.  The little hop, skip and a jump down is a breeze.  It's climbing back up that's the problem.  I did it twice, toured the town's charity shops and went for a run beforehand.  So by four o' clock I was scuppered. Instead of an evening of beer and entertainment I ended up in bed by 8:30 with a nice cup of tea and a book.  I'm so rock and roll. So a planned 'hot date' with a gay male couple didn't happen.  'You're such a cock tease.' one of them texted.  Really!  In my aching state I couldn't have teased anything let alone one of those!

It was good while it lasted.  Lou and I had a lovely time. doing what we do best, chatting, exploring, listening to music and eating and drinking.  We tried octopus sushi for the first time.  It was okay but not as good as Lou's favourite. prawn nigri. The rolls topped with fish eggs were rather wonderful in both their wasabi tinted and plain forms.

For a small donation we clambered onto a trawler and then onto the local lifeboat which was moored alongside.  Getting aboard wasn't for the fainthearted and not easy in sandals.  It was all a bit  too tippy.  Just as we were ready to explore a message came in that someone was lost at sea so our visit was cut short and we headed back to shore.

I talked to people about marine conservation, restoration of a beautiful old boat and cooking and preparing fish.  I was particularly taken by Fishing for Litter, a scheme that encourages fisherman to collect the waste that turns up in their nets at sea.

For a fiver Louis learned how to dress a crab, a dead useful skill as, aside from chocolate, it must be his favourite food.  The best bit was that he was allowed to take it home afterwards and we had crab sandwiches for tea.  Yum!

And while my son was cheffing I  popped to the bar run by the excellent local Bays Brewery stall for a pint of their Golden Ale. I found a much needed chair and sat by the acoustic stage to catch two thirds of Storm UK (their bass player was away). Their CD has been a favourite of mine since I first saw them three years ago. They're from the Kingsbridge area where I work and they write many of their songs themselves.  As well as admiring their musicianship I love their sense of local presence. They've recorded a track called GWR about the railway line to Kingsbridge and it's often playing as I follow its old route down from the moor.

Fishstock is such a wonderful little festival that raises money for the Fisherman's Mission, a very active charity in these parts. Fingers crossed we'll be back next year.  I may even make it through to nightfall!


  1. I want to live in Devon aside from one of my oldest friends living there it's just gorgeous and I love Exeter Dartmouth Brixham and topshsm.

  2. Fresh crab sandwiches, nothing tastier in my opinion.

    Louis looks so tall!