Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Woolly Mermaid

It's a rather harmless addiction in the scheme of things but I'm a bit of a tinker when it comes to buying throws, blankies and the like.  They're scattered all around my house in case anyone is overtaken by the urge to snuggle.  Which is quite often.  We're  a soft lot here.

Last year I shared a post about a fab shark sleeping bag that I'd found on the Internet. That would have done for Louis if I had oodles of cash to spare.  Of course I don't.  In my fantasy shopping world I'd also be rather taken by this rather cosy mermaid tail that is made to order by an Etsy shopkeeper.  Again it's just the job for a seaside home.  On second thoughts it could be dangerous.  I'm accident prone enough without sitting in something that binds my legs together!


  1. I was thinking that once I rolled it over by bottom half I'd never get it off me.

  2. I love this I've been looking for a knitting patten to make for my granddaughters can't find at the mo though lol

    1. I expect that it's out there on the internet somewhere! x