Monday, 26 September 2016

Where To Leave Leif

Another reasonably successful attempt at being arty-farty with my phone camera I think.  Here's a shot of the cranes outside the M-Shed in Bristol.  Mostly when I visit Red Mel I travel up by train but this time, as Lou came along and we haven't got a Friends and Family Railcard, it was more cost effective to go by car.

It wouldn't have been if we'd have used a conventional car park. Where Red Mel lives, slap bang in the centre of the city, these cost about £20 a day.  Instead I used Just Park for the first time. For the less eye watering sum of £13.50 in total we left my little green Skoda, Leif , in a driveway behind a student house.  It was about a mile away from Red Mel's apartment.  She came and picked us up because my bag was a bit heavy.  A perfectly adequate thrifty solution to those exorbitant charges.  Yah boo sucks NCP!  I'll be doing the same again if I drive to areas where I haven't a cat in hell's chance of finding a convenient free parking space.

All would have gone swimmingly but for the fact that it was the Bristol Half Marathon yesterday. Yes!  The one that I'm planning to do next year.  It closed all the roads around  Mel's house so we couldn't get our lift back to the car.  I had to trudge up a great big hill with our stuff with Louis sporting my pink handbag.  Not a good look for a image conscious teenager.    It was totally necessary to break the journey at Swoon where they make gelato on the premises.  A post race reward spot for me next year.  And then we'll take the train back home!


  1. Irony's quirky way - the half-marathon forced those on the sidelines into their own endurance experience.