Thursday, 13 October 2016

Combination Cookery

Leftovers in my fridge fill my heart with joy.  Often a break from cooking is jolly nice and I'll just heat up the remains of a meal from a day or two before.  But  I'll regularly take cooked food and use it as an ingredient for an entirely new recipe.  Leftover veg will become a filling for a tortilla,mushed in a soup or blitzed to make interesting bubble and squeak.  Meaty treats might enhance my otherwise vegan dal.  You know the kind of thing.  I thought combination cooking was a good name for the practice

Yesterday Reiki Ray came round to zap me with some energy.  We always have a meal before he rearranges my dining room and sets up his therapy table.   What to cook in a hurry?  It had been a tough day at work.

I'd meant to knock up 'Leek and Egg Puffs'  a recipe from an '80s Marks and Spencer vegetarian cookery book so I'd already defrosted a square of puff pastry.    I thought that I'd give the recipe a twist.  The filling according to the instructions comprised of sliced and cooked leeks and potatoes, hard boiled eggs and cheese, all seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper and nutmeg.  Surely the addition of the cooked spring greens, peas and garlicky dauphinoise potatoes wouldn't be harmful?

Here's the result.  No fancy food photography here!  Again I've veered away from the recipe instructions which calls for the filling to be used to make dainty individual servings and opted for a giant messy pasty.  Those Cornish miners of old wouldn't have minded taking this beastie to work with them even though it didn't contain any meat.  It was delicious and a  dirt cheap way supper for two people.  There's plenty over as well for my lunch box for the rest of the week.


  1. It looks and sounds very tasty. I often clear my fridge out and its surprising what you can rustle up with a few leftover bits and pieces.

    1. Oh absolutely. Leftover chips shallow fried are a real favourite of mine. And of course terribly healthy!!! xx