Monday, 3 October 2016

Devon vs. Brittany

It was over a month ago that I was at Ster Greich, my favourite motorhome stop where I pick sloes. I didn't have any kilner jars in the van and our search around French supermarkets was fruitless. Ha!  Get it?  Fruitless!  So those sloes have been in my freezer since I got home.  It was only yesterday that I got around to buying the gin in which to infuse the little devils until Christmas.

This year didn't yield the heaviest crop ever.  Normally I half fill each jar with fruit before topping each up with the best part of two bottles of the cheapest gin that I can source and 250g of sugar.  This year my jars were only a third full of berries even though I'd foraged my little socks off.  So I persuaded Corn Pipe to come and help me find some more.  The lure of free alcohol, even if it is a few months down the line, did the trick. Men are simple beasties.  We also decided to get some blackberries.  For didn't someone say that you could make an equally tasty drink with those and vodka?  And a crumble for more immediate gratification appealed too.

Corn Pipe's tactic of driving around until we found a likely spot worked.  'Stop the car!' he barked in a Sergeant Majorly tone.  'I see some blackberries!'  And so he had, high up and out of  any sensible person's reach.  That didn't faze him.  He did a little perilous mountaineering on top of a Devon bank. I left him to it, satisfied with miserable pickings at ground level.  After all I'm accident prone enough without going looking for trouble.

We moved on and  were then fortunate enough to find the most enormous sloes I've ever seen. 'Where did you get those?' some of you might be asking.  Really, do you think that I'm ever going to reveal my most lucrative picking site?  NEVER!  So now there's two jars of sloe gin, one Breton and one mainly Devon.  We'll have to do a taste test to compare them when they're ready.  I think I know a volunteer who'll help with that.


  1. I volunteer to help with the tasting! x

    1. You'd be jolly welcome if you were holidaying in this part of the world! xx

  2. Thank you! I shall let you know if we do make it down again.