Sunday, 2 October 2016

Everlasting Navy Blue Knickers

I bought a couple of packets of Dylon machine dyes the other day in blue and black.  No, things in my wardrobe aren't going to change colour.  Every so often I freshen up some of the bits and pieces and bring them a new lease of life by injecting a bit more of their original hue.  It's something that I had to do by stealth when I was married and my task took on a rebellious air.. My ex didn't like the idea of me pouring a whole load of salt into the washing machine.  It's a job that's lost its air of naughtiness now I'm a single mum with my very own domestic appliance to ruin.

 There's a couple of black long sleeved T-shirts that will get the treatment.  Thinking about it they must be some of the clothes in my wardrobe that I've had for the longest time.  I bought them from Asda  for about four quid each when Lou was a baby.  They've got a flattering scoop neck and amazingly have kept their shape.  Good old lycra!

Because my mind is prone to going off on a tangent I started to think about other items of clothing that I've had that stood the test of time.  All women of  a certain age will remember, that in the olden days we did PE in our vest and pants, sometimes freezing our metaphorical nuts off.  There was no fancy designer sports kit in those days.  I tried to find a vintage picture or video on the Internet to illustrate this post but quite reasonably I wasn't successful. Kids running around playing hockey in their underwear just isn't acceptable these days.  You'll have to make do with your imaginations and a bit of tie dye. Those big navy blue knickers that, of course, origniated from Marks and Sparks seemed to grow with me.  I recall still wearing ones marked as being for 3-5 year olds in my teens.


  1. It occurs to me that the girls back then wore vest and pants for PE right up to the end of primary school. Nowadays lots of the year 6 girls are already in bras!

    1. Yes we moved onto a gym skirt and polo shirt in senior school but I still wore the 3-5 knickers underneath the skirt. Don't know whether this reflects the smallness of my bum then or the stretchiness of the fabric. Maybe a bit of both! xx

  2. I had big baby knickers too! I often dye my old favourites, and the dye nowadays - ALREADY HAS THE SALT IN IT - the first time I noticed this, my mind was blown!