Monday, 31 October 2016

Happy Halloween: Spooky Randomness

Wooooo!  Sending you the ghouliest of greetings on this spookiest of days.  The boy and I haven't planned to go trick or treating this year.  There's enough sweets and chocolates in the house to easily sink one of those fishing trawlers down in the harbour anyway.  But I thought I'd mark the occasion with some seasonal piccies, starting with our latest Prisma transformation.  I think I'll call it 'Mum and Son....with Bloood!'

This super cool cartoon by Man Martin came up in my blog roll the other day.  I'm particularly taken by the Warhol.  Charming  and very clever!

And here's a  fellow that we spotted in the greengrocer's window in town yesterday.  Super cute and not at all scary.  Lou and I both came to the conclusion that we're both not that taken with an awful lot of horror.  This chap captures the  Halloween spirit nicely without curdling any blood at all.  Have a wonderful day good people!


  1. I am a bit of a misery when it comes to Halloween. Possibly because when I was a kid it was just a date on the calendar. Some years ago we had a bunch of teenagers at the door, not dressed up at all, one brandishing a knife and demanding trick or treat!

    1. Not in the spirit of a happy holiday at all. Poor you. xx