Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pom Bears and Slushies

My sister passed away three months ago tomorrow.  Life for those who are left behind goes on.  But moments of grief still hit me, sometime at times when least expected.

I shed a tear when my lovely friend Ibiza Queen Vikki got out her elevenses yesterday.  At Esther's funeral I found out that Pom Bears were one of her favourite snacks when she was volunteering at Hadleigh Farm, which prepares people with learning difficulties for work.  Mixed in with the earth that was scattered on her coffin were little potato shaped bears.  A friend of hers who worked at the farm came forward and emptied a packet into her grave.

Slushy machines have a similar propensity to make me weep.  At the end of her life Esther's appetite was limited but she loved the coldness of these lurid drinks.  Louis and I sought them out on Southend seafront and brought them back for her.  Her smile when she got a surprise that she liked was always quite lovely.


  1. As a kid I very muched liked the raspberry flavour. It was strangely blue. you would have thought it would be pink. Grief comes in waves doesnt it. My friend who recently lost her father, who is buried in Conquer Woodland, with the most beautiful view of the bay, says it gets her in the strangest of places. Like the supermarket. A man spoke behind her and she thought it was him. She had to leave the trolley in the middle of the aisle and go home.

    Beaming you many hugs

  2. Every time I hear somewhere over the rainbow it makes me cry. It was my dads favourite sung by Judy garland and we had it playing during his funeral. If doesn't matter who sings it for me it always starts me weeping. What will always stay with me is the fabulous rainbow present on the drive back home following his funeral. There is so much more going on in this life of ours if we just take the time to look and notice. X

    1. We played 'These are the days of our lives' by Queen and 'After the Storm' by Mumford and Sons at Esther's funeral and yes , I shed tears when I hear them. In fact I sometimes play them so that I can have a cry. xx

  3. Three months is no time at all, I'm sure the grief is still pretty raw.
    We used to shop for Jon's Mum and she always insisted on Smiths' Salt & Shake crisps, which proved a hard thing to find. We spotted some in Wilkos last week and thought of her straightaway, she's been gone ten years . xxx