Monday, 14 November 2016

A Hare-y One

My fondness for hares preceded the arrival in our home of the children's book, Guess How Much I Love You  which has become a bit of a classic.  It was one of Louis' favourites when he was wee.  He often tried to outdo Little Nutbrown Hare in defining the extent of his love for me in terms of return trips to the furthest parts of outer space....and then I bettered him as he was falling asleep.  Many parents out there will know the score.  It's why I have that pinky ring inscribed with 'Love you to the moon and back'.  It the one that I have to pretend is a gift from Lou. He says that he would have bought it for me if he hadn't forgotten his money!

Additonally a moon gazing hare sits in my hearth, probably a good place for a creature of such mythological significance.  And of course, there is that semi-completed linoprint inspired by the ear sharing beasties that are dotted around Devon churches.  It would be good if I got my arse in gear there.  To gee me along let me share the wonderful hares that I was so glad to find in Lovelybloke's house.  A little internet research revealed that they were moulded from cold cast bronze by East Anglian artist Carl Newman.


  1. How good to find that he likes hares too!

  2. Definitely a good match!

  3. Well if hares could speak. What a coincidence.

  4. He is most definitely the man for you! Sara

  5. Well, if he likes hares he is definitely a keeper. My grandson loved Guess how much I love you. It's a lovely book.

  6. Goodness me, what a perfect companion he is turning out to be. I love hares too and this year has been wonderful for sightings of them in the lanes at dusk, I have been entranced.

    1. Only think that I've seen them once near a railway embankment
      When I was on a train. xx