Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Little List - Deux

Remember on our summer holiday that I picked up someone's list that was masquerading as rubbish?  What a fascinating insight into someone's personal gastronomie.  Well, the other day I came across a different scrappetty list that I'd created myself.  It brought back such wonderful memories that I thought I'd pop it on my memo board for posterity.  And share it here of course because it's a sweet little story.

It was made during our trip to Yellowstone last year on a bit of paper torn from our car rental paperwork.  Compiling a list of the 51 States of America was pretty challenging for a couple of Brits in a campground that was devoid of Wi-Fi signal. Even though we couldn't cheat we got there in the end.  Phew!  Then, as we travelled around the National Park, Louis ran off in the parking lots and ticked off all the states that he found displayed on the car number plates.  He even added a few more from neighbouring Canada. It was a surprisingly absorbing, nay obsessional pastime and lovely to see him so occupied.

So how many did he get?  Well he did surprisingly well and the final count was forty eight.  Only Rhode Island, Delaware and Hawaii eluded him.


  1. Impressive. That's standard road trip work. We've never gotten all 50. Hawaii always eluded us.I'd like to say I visited all 50 but not yet.

    1. Why is there a discrepancy in the number of states? One Google search said that there was 52 and you're saying 50. Help!!! xx

  2. As far as I recall, it is 50 as in Hawaii 50!

  3. 50 stars on the flag for the 50 states - Marguerite