Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Treasure Among Trash

The wind has swung away from its usual westerly direction and whoosh!  Rubbish that would normally be washed out to sea has been depositied  in vast quantities on the beaches around here. A friend from the Devon Wild Swimming group is trying to get people together for a clean up at St Mary's Bay at the weekend. But I already have plans that don't include anyone but me and Lovelybloke. The rest of the week looks busy too.  So I decided to do my bit for our ravaged marine environment by hitting my local cove yesterday.  I could only be there between when  I wave goodbye to Louis at the bus stop and the time I head off down the road to work. Could a few minutes of effort make any difference?

Yes!  Here's the booty from twenty minutes work.  Two bin bags full and a weird set of table legs. I'm sure they could be upcycled by someone with the inclination and imagination. There were a few items too that weren't destined for the bin. Barbie Nurse is very pleased with the tennis balls for her dog Lola.  Louis is the owner of a rather wacky rubber duck.  And as just reward for that frenzied litter picking I get an unopened can of cider. I like to think that it fell off a passing pirate ship!


  1. The little duck is a great find!

  2. Replies
    1. If you're serious I'll keep them for you. You'll have to come down to collect. Maybe we can do a bit of coast path walking. xx

  3. Good on you for clearing up that rubbish. Now how are you going to get the table legs to Ilona lol?

    1. She'll have to visit to collect. See above. Last time we met she had her tent near my motorhome. This time there's a lovely spare room waiting for her. xx